Discover our team : meet Nicolas, the Marketplace COO

What’s your position within Cdiscount?

I’m Marketplace COO and more precisely in charge of both projects that aim to improve Marketplace and customer support.


Can you please tell us more about projects you are currently working on?

We are working on different kinds of projects this year:

  1. Launch of new services linked with Fulfilment, Pole Position Program that allows sellers to better promote their products and offers, express shipping and heavy bulky products that will soon be available.
  2. Improvement of quality of service provided to our sellers. For instance, we are working on the new seller back office more functional, clearer and faster that will soon be launched. We are also working on new tools to monitor the performance of our sellers, including among others an evolution of the claim rate, and on a new way of creating products to make the process simpler, smoother and faster.
  3. Finally, improvement of quality of service provided to our final customers, for example by highlighting more the essential items that our sellers currently want to share with them or by including in the customer zone the shipping tracking.


There are several projects on your roadmap. How can you prioritize them?

Beyond our day to day contacts with our sellers, we are for now sending them a satisfaction survey on a quarterly basis. It will be a unique occasion for them to provide feedbacks on a more formal way, to tell us what they want and need and to share with us their priorities in terms of services, tools, or operational improvement that can make their daily work better. Feedbacks from our sellers are really important for us! I consequently encourage them to take a few minutes to answer to the survey and to send us their recommendations and feedbacks!