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We have many tools to help you increase your sales on our site:

picto-vente-flash Flash sales
Flash sales are a tool used to lower prices on products for a certain amount of time. This feature is very simple to set up and can be used by all sellers for all categories of products.

picto-alignement-prixMatch your competitors’ prices
You can programme automatic price matching with your competitors using a bottom price that you decide on. With this feature, you can wage a price war with your direct competitors with a simple click.

The year is marked by two major operations: the winter and summer sales. You can also take part in the sales using tools that are available on the site.

picto-negociationNegociating prices with customers
 With this unique and revolutionary feature, customers can negociate prices directly with you until the treshold you have set is reached.

picto-cdiscount-a-volonteUnlimited Cdiscount
In 2015, Cdiscount lauched its loyalty offer “Unlimited Cdiscount”, where customers paying an annual subscription can enjoy free and unlimited deliveries for their purchases on the site.

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