With Cdiscount Marketplace professional sellers selected by Cdiscount can sell their new or second-hand products on the Cdiscount.com site. To guarantee customers the same quality of service that is provided by Cdiscount, partner sellers must guarantee a certain number of elements that you can see here.

Prior authorisation is required to sign up as a professional seller. Contact us to request authorisation using the contact form. Our sales time will get back to you immediately to follow up on your request.

Once you are signed up and approved as a professional seller, and your account is active, you can upload your product catalogue and/or your individual products to your seller area, and set your selling price, the number of items available and specify the condition of the items (new or second-hand). You can even set up flash sales on your products at the intervals you choose, and set the discounts you want to make. As soon as you upload your articles, they will be displayed and visible to buyers on the Cdiscount.com site.

When a customer makes an order for one of your products, you will be informed by e-mail, and you will then have two working days to process the order, by confirming that the products are available.

Cdiscount debits the customer’s bank account once you have confirmed the order, and transfers your payment once the sale has been made (don’t forget to confirm shipment of the order so that your payment can be made).

To receive payment for a sale, you need to:

  • Have a positive balance or zero on your Cdiscount seller account, bearing in mind that customer complaints, as well as the reimbursements that you make as a result of these complaints will have an effect on your balance.
  • To provide a valid bank account number in your seller account.

Customers can leave a rating after receiving their order based on the quality of their experience with you. This rating can be seen by all users of the site, and is a help and guide to other customers who are thinking about buying from Cdiscount marketplace sellers.

You can sell products from all the categories in the Cdiscount Marketplace, with an updated list available on the Ciscount Marketplace home page, in the “categories” tab. The categories currently open to sellers are:

Cultural items (Books, DVD, Video Games, Console Accessories), Musical Instruments, Home, DIY, Pet Products, Childcare, Games / Toys, Household Appliances, High Tech, Computers, Clothing

You can either add your offers to the products that are already listed on Cdiscount or sell products that are not currently on offer, and even sell new categories of products, by contacting the seller support staff to make your request.


You can either settle offers on products that are already referenced today by Cdiscount, or submit for sale products that are not yet marketed by Cdiscount, even new product categories.

Please contact our seller support to submit your request.

You can use the online seller interface or our API. The procedure and required information vary according to whether your products are already sold on Cdiscount.com or not.

You must first subscribe to a monthly subscription of  €39. Cdiscount also takes a commission on each sale made on the site, the rate depends on the product category concerned. (See our  Prices tab)

Your subscription will take effect as soon as you have finished the registration process. Monthly subscriptions are deducted from what you earn through  sales on the site, and are payable from the first day of each month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and there are no long-term obligations. Contact us through your seller account to cancel your subscription. Cancellations take effect at the end of the month, provided that all your orders and customer complaints have been processed.

You can manage your orders easily (accept or refuse an order, manage reimbursements, confirm orders have been shipped, deal with customer requests or complaints, etc.) via your order management interface in your seller account or via the API.

1- Shipping to customer’s home: the order is directly sent to the customer.

3 shipping options are available: Regular, recorded delivery or registered (signature on receipt)

  • For an item priced €40 including VAT or over, the customer can choose the shipping option.
  • For an item priced between €40 and €10 000 including VAT, shipment is made with recorded delivery or registered delivery.
  • For an item priced over €10 000 including VAT, shipment must be made by registered delivery.

Regular shipment is optional, but all other shipment options must be available to your customers. If you choose to offer regular shipment, it will be automatically proposed to your customers for products priced at under €40 including VAT.

NB: Postage costs are calculated on a sliding scale for all products bought from the same seller according to the following method: highest postage costs from the articles bought for the 1st article + price for every additional article for the other articles bought from the same seller.

2- Delivery to the store: the order is shipped to your store. The customer can come and pick up the order as soon as you have received it. This option is applied to the offers that you have selected.

3- Immediate pick-up: the customer can come and pick up the order from your store just after purchase on the site, up to 6 hours later. This option is applied to all your products. Since the product is available in the store, no postage costs are charged.

4- From Mondial Relay, Relais Colis and Colissimo pick-up points: The order is shipped to the pick-up point. Customers pick up the order from the pick-up point they have selected from the list of available points (one or more pick-up point networks). This option is applied to the items you have selected. Cdiscount checks the availability of the pick-up points and provides the customer with the nearest pick-up points. You need to inform the pick-up point network you have chosen about the order details.

For shipment to stores, homes or pick-up points, you are free to set the postage costs per article, and can also offer rates on a sliding scale when customers buy more than one article.

For immediate pick-up, since the product is available in the store, no postage costs are charged.

  • Complaint for an article that has not been received: if shipment is by recorded delivery or registered post, first contact the post office to find out if the package has been delivered. If the order has not been delivered, ask the post office for a refund, and contact the customer to ask if they would prefer a refund or for the article to be sent again.
    If shipment was not registered, ask if the customer would prefer a refund or for the article to be sent again.
  • Complaint for an article that is not as described on the site: if the customer considers that the article is not as described on the site, ask the customer to return the product and make a refund once you have received the product.
  • Complaint for a defective article: if the customer considers that the article is defective, ask the customer to return the product and make a refund once you have received the product.
  • Complaint linked to a cancelled order: if the customer wants to use their legal right to cancel an order, ask them to return the product and make a refund when you have received it.
  • Complaint about a counterfeit article: We remind you that it is strictly forbidden to sell counterfeit articles on the Cdiscount site, and that if such a sale should occur you will have to refund the article and your seller account will be cancelled.

Customers are strongly encouraged to leave ratings and comments after ordering from partner sellers. This is the best way to find out if you are a trusted seller and to encourage others to buy products from you. The higher your rating, the more customers will want to buy your products. Your average rating, weighted by the number of sales on the Cdiscount site, is one of the key statistics used to rate your services, both for customers and for Cdiscount.

For immediate pick-up, customers can pick it up from your store just after purchase on the site, according to the time you have selected for your store. Unlike a product delivered to the store, customers can come and pick up an order as soon as you have received it.

To respect your promise to customers for immediate pick-up, we recommend choosing automatic acceptance of orders.

Cdiscount Fulfilment

Thanks to our experience in e-commerce and our top-quality logistics (300 000 m2 of storage space, mechanisation, packing, transport, etc.), we want to offer YOUR customers the same quality of logistics service as we bring to OUR customers. We will stock and ship your products on your behalf.  The service also includes customer relations management for all the products shipped by Cdiscount.
With the Cdiscount Fulfilment you can devote 100% of your time to your commercial activities while reducing costs.

Whether you are a Cdiscount Marketplace seller or not, you can sign up to our Cdiscount Fulfilment program.
Contact us by mail at: info.clogistique@cdiscount.com.
The Cdiscount Fulfilment service is without subscription nor registration fees.


It only takes about ten days to start shipping orders through Cdiscount!

No, you can delegate all or part of your logistics service and the associated customer relations management, whether or not you are already a seller on Cdiscount Marketplace. We will discuss together the kinds of products that will be most beneficial for you.

At Cdiscount, there are two categories of product:

  • Small products (Weighing less than 30 kg and with a maximum axis (Length + Width + Depth) under 2 M). They will be stocked in our logistics centre in Cestas (French department 33).
  • Large products (Weighing more than 30 kg and with a maximum axis (Length + Width + Depth) over 2 M). They will be stocked in our two centres in Andrézieux (French department 42) and Saint Mard (Department 77).

In our modern buildings we have a top quality and automatised process for preparation, packing and shipping. The entire process has real-time tracking. The staff onsite have a significant experience in e-commerce logistics. The sites are also protected, with security personnel on hand 24 hours a day.


We process items from 0 to 300 kg. The maximum axis (length + width + height) is 5 metres. However, certain articles are subject to specific regulations and are not accepted, so we would ask you to contact with the sales department if you sell products with specific features.

Your order is managed like any other Cdiscount order. There is no prioritisation.
During very busy periods, you can take advantage of the logistical strengths of Cdiscount with warehouses that are open 24/7.

You can use all the shipping methods available on the Cdiscount site: shipment to pick-up points, to home and “express delivery”.
The delivery times will correspond to the shipment method chosen by your customer.
For an order made on an external Marketplace or on your own site, delivery times correspond to the information you provide us and the shipment is made to the customer’s home address.


We currently deliver to mainland France / Corsica / Monaco.

Yes, for all external sales (sales made for goods excepting Cdiscount Marketplace products). Your parcels will not have any specific reference or distinctive branding. The name of your company will not be mentioned on the transport label. Only the customer’s name, shipment address, sender’s address and the tracking number used by the transporter chosen by the customer will appear on the package.

Yes, when your products have the “Shipped by Cdiscount” label, they will have more visibility through a specific filter. They will also stand out by being eligible for free delivery (for total purchases over €25).

You will have access to a tool that is specific to your logistics activity. You can add or remove products from your list of available items, monitor your stocks, find out your Top or Flop products, etc.
Our e-commerce consultants and Cdiscount Fulfilment advisors will also be on hand to help you develop your activity.

Pole Position Program - Boost your visibility

The Pole Position Program is a series of communications solutions giving Cdiscount Marketplace sellers’ boutiques and selected products greater visibility, helping to boost sales.

We provide communications solutions giving a short-term Return on Investment covering all the areas of e-commerce.

Please contact us so we can look at your needs together.

Nothing easier, just contact us directly at polepositionprogram@cdiscount.com, or contact your account manager if you already have one.