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Meet Mehdi, the Marketplace sales team Manager

Hello Mehdi, can you introduce yourself?

I am 31 years old and have been working at Cdiscount for 2 and a half years. I am now the Marketplace sales team Manager, also known as Team ECC (E-Commerce Consultants).

What is the role of ECC (E-Commerce Consultants)?

My team is composed of dynamic people, speaking more than 7 different languages and divided into specialists from several product families> Home / Home appliance, Fashion / Sport, High Tech & Games / Toys / Food / Auto. Our objective is to support, in the best way, all the sellers who are present on our Marketplace through several levers to develop their visibility, to help them overcome possible obstacles and to facilitate their daily life.

What are your daily challenges and how do you overcome them?

We have several challenges which are related to communication, the first is our sellers’ visibility: We look for powerful and innovative levers to help our merchants. For this, we are always attentive to the needs of the sellers by working with commercial and technological partners.

The second challenge is transparency: how to communicate with our sellers proactively and reactively in the best way in order to remove as many barriers as we can. Because we work in an environment that is highly dependent on technology, we have to be reactive.

My role is also to consolidate a team who represents the interests of our sellers on the Marketplace. Apart from operational advices (products management, stocks …), we have several levers available to go even further: I told you about visibility but we also have Cdiscount Fulfilment which brings a double advantage: a better visibility and quality service trusted by our consumers.

Do you have an anecdote or a success story to share with us?

I have a nice anecdote since I was working for a competing Marketplace before joining Cdiscount. I managed to motivate some of my sellers to join the Cdiscount Marketplace and when I arrived, one of them called me on the phone two days after registering, in a panic. He had received so many orders in 48h that he thought his seller space and his flows were bugged. He made in two days the equivalent of one month of orders with our competitor.

What are the upcoming projects for your team?

We are all aware that Cdiscount carries the Marketplace in terms of visibility, traffic, attractiveness – and this is reflected in our sales partners’ performances. Most of our projects this year will focus on customer satisfaction. We want to ensure that everything is put in place so that the Marketplace customer experience is, in every way, excellent.

In this context, the sellers experience is also a major area of improvement. Our sellershop along with our main quality indicators have evolved. These changes were made after consulting a sample of sellers on their needs and priorities.

Do you have a last word before you leave?

Get ready for a stunning Christmas period, in every way, and with our team you will be “Better supported than you think! ».


Meet Alexandre Suire, Manager of the Games-Toys division

What is your position at Cdiscount?

I am leading a team of ECC (E-commerce Consultants) specialized on the toy-game category. Our mission is to manage high potential e-merchants and help them grow their revenues on our marketplace C le Marché. We also advise on the best Marketing and Logistic strategies to adopt. Finally, we intend to generate profitable growth for our vendors.

What are your daily challenges?

We are E-commerce Consultants, we represent the marketplace vendors. Every day, we ask ourselves how we can do more and better to help them achieve their targets and increase their profitability. Communication is key and listening to their needs helps us define tangible targets and follow their evolution.

What are the upcoming projects?

Various projects have been launched to improve the customer experience when shopping on our marketplace. Among these improvements, we are radically changing the way vendors and customers are communicating, allowing the latter to contact e-merchants without systematically opening a claim. From October, a new functionality will integrate the parcel tracking information into both the customer and seller space, thus limiting the number of information requests.


Meet Edouad, the  Marketplace Communication Consultant

What is your role within Cdiscount?

I am a communications consultant for the “Pole Position Program” in the Cdiscount Marketplace. I support the “E-commerce consultants” in setting up media plans and pricing with their merchant accounts. I create and propose also communication offers for the merchants of the Marketplace with custom media plans to boost the visibility of their products and increase their sales.

What is the Pole Position Program?

This new department looks like a  communication agency dedicated to the merchants. Our objective ? To boost visibility of their offers by using the “Sponsored Products”, or “Google Shopping” offer. We also offer many solutions as the setting up of “tailor-made” communication campaigns with banners, text links or newsletter…
The Pole Position Program is attentive to the needs and marketing demands of the merchants in order to offer them constantly adapted solutions and a return on investment in the very short term.


Meet Nicolas, the Marketplace COO

What’s your position within Cdiscount?

I’m Marketplace COO and more precisely in charge of both projects that aim to improve Marketplace and customer support.


Can you please tell us more about projects you are currently working on?

We are working on different kinds of projects this year:

  1. Launch of new services linked with Fulfilment, Pole Position Program that allows sellers to better promote their products and offers, express shipping and heavy bulky products that will soon be available.
  2. Improvement of quality of service provided to our sellers. For instance, we are working on the new seller back office more functional, clearer and faster that will soon be launched. We are also working on new tools to monitor the performance of our sellers, including among others an evolution of the claim rate, and on a new way of creating products to make the process simpler, smoother and faster.
  3. Finally, improvement of quality of service provided to our final customers, for example by highlighting more the essential items that our sellers currently want to share with them or by including in the customer zone the shipping tracking.


There are several projects on your roadmap. How can you prioritize them?

Beyond our day to day contacts with our sellers, we are for now sending them a satisfaction survey on a quarterly basis. It will be a unique occasion for them to provide feedbacks on a more formal way, to tell us what they want and need and to share with us their priorities in terms of services, tools, or operational improvement that can make their daily work better. Feedbacks from our sellers are really important for us! I consequently encourage them to take a few minutes to answer to the survey and to send us their recommendations and feedbacks!

 Meet Arnaud, our Marketplace Quality Team Manager


Hello Arnaud, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, after a 6-year experience in consulting and e-commerce, I started to work at Cdiscount 18 months ago. I was first a project manager within the specialty sites. I joined Cdiscount Marketplace one year ago and I am now in charge of Quality at Cdiscount Marketplace.

What is the mission of the Quality team?

At Cdiscount, client’s satisfaction is essential.

The Quality team has to make sure that our sellers provide the best experience to their clients. Indeed, it is important that our sellers follow the procedures correctly.

Our mission is to ensure that those procedures are understandable for our sellers so that they can anticipate clients’ requirements and resolve easily any kind of problem.

In order to illustrate your mission, could you share with us 2 or 3 of your daily tasks? 

We have performance indicators at our disposal. Our sellers have access to it in their seller shop.

Particularly, we make sure that the amount of products shipment and order acceptations is in compliance with our quality requirement. We work with the commercial team to ensure that our criteria fit with sellers’ specificities.

What are your main objectives?

Our first objective is to make sure that our sellers do not face any problem with their quality indicators. Also, we ensure that the sellers comply with their logistic engagements, for example the fact that they are able to deliver the products on time. Finally, we make sure that the sellers are 100% available for their clients.

Your challenge?

My challenge is to show that quality processes go hand in hand with seller’s objectives. The quality team’s goal is to advice, to the client with best services and, if necessary, to take specific actions when quality requirements are not met.

How is 2017 starting?

In the beginning of this the year 2017, we have equipped our team with new tools. Thanks to that, we have a better overview of the traceability and the quality of our sellers. Soon , the sellers will have at their disposal new indicators. Consequently, they will be able to have a better vision of their activity of the website.

          Meet Anne, our Seller Support Team Manager


Hello Anne, can you introduce yourself?

I have been working at the Cdiscount Marketplace since its beginnings: I was first Key Account manager, I managed business relationship with the sellers. Now I manage the seller support and I’m also in charge of relationships between customers and marketplace sellers.

What is the mission of the Seller Support?

The mission of the seller support is to answer all the questions that the sellers may have on the Marketplace. We have several teams dedicated to this task, specialized in a specific technical field such as product integration, accounting, API…

What is your role?

My job, as a sales support manager, is to centralize the requests and to allocate our resources in order to provide fast and top quality answers to the sellers.

The other part of my job is customer relation, which is the arbitration of potential disputes between sellers and customers. We arbitrate by being as fair as possible for both sides. We act when a customer requests our help, when no consensus has been found between the client and the merchant following a claim. In this case, we investigate disputes on a case-by-case basis to decide, according to the legislation and our General Conditions.

How does the Seller Support team face the numerous requests?

We receive a lot of requests from sellers (there are more than 9500 sellers on the Marketplace) but we organize ourselves to be as efficient as possible. The Cdiscount Marketplace sellers deserve the best quality of service possible, which is why we regularly assess ourselves by respecting a quality grid to make sure we always offer more personalized and more accurate answers.

What are the challenges for 2017 and your areas of development?

Our objective is to keep on answering you in the shortest possible time with an impeccable quality of service. For this, we will set up new contact channels: a phone line and a chat in 2017, which have been requested by many sellers. Indeed, your opinion counts for us, do not hesitate to respond the survey we send to you. All your comments are analyzed.

Finally Anne, do you have a last word for our sellers?

I hope you had a great holiday! The support is here to help: do not hesitate to contact us via the help section of your seller shop. 

I wish you excellent sales for the winter sales that will soon begin!