Discover our team : meet Mehdi, the Marketplace sales team Manager

Hello Mehdi, can you introduce yourself?

I am 31 years old and have been working at Cdiscount for 2 and a half years. I am now the Marketplace sales team Manager, also known as Team ECC (E-Commerce Consultants).

What is the role of ECC (E-Commerce Consultants)?

My team is composed of dynamic people, speaking more than 7 different languages and divided into specialists from several product families> Home / Home appliance, Fashion / Sport, High Tech & Games / Toys / Food / Auto. Our objective is to support, in the best way, all the sellers who are present on our Marketplace through several levers to develop their visibility, to help them overcome possible obstacles and to facilitate their daily life.

What are your daily challenges and how do you overcome them?

We have several challenges which are related to communication, the first is our sellers’ visibility: We look for powerful and innovative levers to help our merchants. For this, we are always attentive to the needs of the sellers by working with commercial and technological partners.

The second challenge is transparency: how to communicate with our sellers proactively and reactively in the best way in order to remove as many barriers as we can. Because we work in an environment that is highly dependent on technology, we have to be reactive.

My role is also to consolidate a team who represents the interests of our sellers on the Marketplace. Apart from operational advices (products management, stocks …), we have several levers available to go even further: I told you about visibility but we also have Cdiscount Fulfilment which brings a double advantage: a better visibility and quality service trusted by our consumers.

Do you have an anecdote or a success story to share with us?

I have a nice anecdote since I was working for a competing Marketplace before joining Cdiscount. I managed to motivate some of my sellers to join the Cdiscount Marketplace and when I arrived, one of them called me on the phone two days after registering, in a panic. He had received so many orders in 48h that he thought his seller space and his flows were bugged. He made in two days the equivalent of one month of orders with our competitor.

What are the upcoming projects for your team?

We are all aware that Cdiscount carries the Marketplace in terms of visibility, traffic, attractiveness – and this is reflected in our sales partners’ performances. Most of our projects this year will focus on customer satisfaction. We want to ensure that everything is put in place so that the Marketplace customer experience is, in every way, excellent.

In this context, the sellers experience is also a major area of improvement. Our sellershop along with our main quality indicators have evolved. These changes were made after consulting a sample of sellers on their needs and priorities.

Do you have a last word before you leave?

Get ready for a stunning Christmas period, in every way, and with our team you will be „Better supported than you think! ».