Best times to sell

In order to provide a relevant offer in due time to the right person and at the best price, it is important as an e-retailer to understand the seasonality of purchases of its customers.

Want to get optimum results on your sales? Find in this article all highlights not to be missed.


Seasonality: a strategic stake in e-commerce

Whether you have a regular or irregular activity, it is very rare to get stable results. Anticipate at best the fluctuations of your activities keeping in mind the following points:

Your product typology

Some goods have more seasonal affinities than others. Therefore, it is essential to offer them for sale at the best time. For example, it would be more difficult to sale ski boots in August!


  • Year-end holiday season

Year-end holiday season is a key period for online retailers. This is during this time that most of your turnover is realised.

Many customers do not find the product of their dreams in physical store so they tend to do research on the web with the hope to find what they want. Consequently, searches and sales are increasing and it gives you the opportunity to make sales.


  • In January

The month of January is punctuated by the winter sales and is also the “white month.” Take advantage of these days to push textiles, household linen, white goods, childcare and bedding at attractive prices.


  • Mother’s and Father’s Day

Mother’s and Father’s Day period are commercial events not to be overlooked. In France, Mother’s Day is on the last Sunday of May and Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. Classic or original products, we need it to everyone’s taste.


  • In September, back-to-school season

Back-to-school season is the period during which the number of office products sales break records (computer equipment, school supplies, babycare…).


  • Sporting events

Many sporting events are organised during summer (June to August), such as the Olympics, Roland Garros or the World Cup this year. These major sporting events have a strong influence on sales such as on the image and television sector.


  • Weather

The weather is an influential factor on online sales. While good weather, people tend to go out, while wet weather, they prefer to stay warm at home and do shopping online!


To take advantage of these times, we need to anticipate. Anticipation is a key success factor to calmly grasp the activity phases.