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Our logistic expertise at your service:

  • Storage, packaging and shipment of your products
  • Returns and Customer Relationship Management
  • Increased visibility of your offers on the site


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Our Advantages

Boost your Sales

  • Your products will benefit from the mention « Expedié par Cdiscount »
  • Your offers are eligible to our loyalty customers  « Cdiscount at will » which offers express delivery at home, free and unlimited for customers
  • Your offers will benefit from increased visibility on the site, with express shipment by us and free for your customers!

Save time and focus on developing your business

  • Manage your daily sales and inventory with our online tools from your dedicated sales area, wherever you are.
  • Benefit from the support of a team of logistical experts at your service to help develop your activity on Cdiscount.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Access 100% of the delivery means offered by Cdiscount (at home or in one of our 18,000 collection points, or express)
  • Benefit from our logistic expertise (reception and storage of your products in our 500,000 sqm of secure and mechanized warehouses, preparation and shipment of your orders, management of returns and customer relations)
  • Reduce claims related to the delivery of your products and increase positive reviews.

Improve Your Profitability

  • Benefit from our attractive price list besides your products.
  • Request an advance payment of the proceeds of your sales in fulfilment*.


Cdiscount Fulfilment sellers observe an average of an increase in their sales volume** of 35%.

*Subject to conditions. **Study conducted between November 2017 and April 2018 on a representative panel of vendors before and after using the Cdiscount Fulfilment service.

How it works?

STEP 1 – Choose the products that you wish to entrust to Cdiscount Fulfilment with one click.

An expert from Cdiscount Fulfilment will be at your disposal to optimize your first list of products.

STEP 2 – Prepare and send your first shipment to Cdiscount Fulfilment warehouses.

All preparation and shipping information will be available in your online Sales Area.

STEP 3 – We receive and integrate your products in our warehouses.

Then, for each of your orders, we will take care of everything: from the preparation to the expedition and if necessary, the customer relations.

Your activity will improve and your customer satisfaction will increase thanks to Cdiscount Fulfilment!





Our rates

Storage costs

TypeDescriptionRate (excl.VAT)/m3/month
Express< 2 weeks0 €
Standard2 weeks < X ≤ 3 months10 €
Sensible> 3 months15 €


Shipping costs

Small products (products <30kg or longest axis <2M)

WeightRate excl. VAT /parcel
99g2,10 €
100g -249g2,40 €
250g – 499g2,80 €
500g – 749g3,45 €
750 – 999g3,55 €
1kg – 1,49kg3,90 €
1,5kg – 1,99kg4,00 €
2kg – 2,99kg4,30 €
3kg – 3,99kg5,25 €
4kg – 4,99kg5,35 €
5kg – 5,99kg5,45 €
6kg – 6,99kg5,50 €
7 kg – 7,99kg5,60 €
8kg – 8,99kg5,80 €
9 kg – 9,99kg5,90 €
10kg – 11,99kg6,00 €
12kg – 14,99kg7,30 €
15kg  – 19,99kg8,55 €
20kg – 24,99kg9,55 €
25kg – 30kg9,75 €
Outsized product (1.5m to 2m)+ 2,00€

Large products (Products >30kg or longest axis > 2M)

CategoriesRate excl. VAT/parcel
SOFAS & FURNITURE29,90 €34,90 €
ARDEN & OUTDOOR GAMES19,90 €29,90 €
BEDDING14,90 €29,90 €
OTHER14,90 € 24,90 €
Outsized product (3m to 4m)5 €
Outsized product (4m à 5m)10 €
Outsized product > 5m15 €


Multi-site orders – Small products (products <30kg or longest axis <2M)

WeightRate excl. VAT /parcel
99g4,50 €
100g -249g4,60 €
250g – 499g5,00 €
500g – 749g5,50 €
750 – 999g5,60 €
1kg – 1,49kg6,30 €
1,5kg – 1,99kg6,50 €
2kg – 2,99kg6,80 €
3kg – 3,99kg7,45 €
4kg – 4,99kg7,45 €
5kg – 5,99kg7,85 €
6kg – 6,99kg7,90 €
7 kg – 7,99kg8,00 €
8kg – 8,99kg8,20 €
9 kg – 9,99kg8,40 €
10kg – 11,99kg8,60 €
12kg – 14,99kg9,60 €
15kg  – 19,99kg10,40 €
20kg – 24,99kg11,30 €
25kg – 30kg11,60 €
Outsized product (1.5m to 2m)+ 2,00€



Our Trusted Customers


Miri Handler

I just wanted to give a little feedback…
We have just reviewed our past few weeks of orders and the ratings from the customers. We currently use a few different fulfillment centers for different items. We found that the customers who were most satisfied with delivery speed and service were the ones who received their parcels through Cdiscount Fulfilment.
Additionally, We are very pleased with the efficiency and pricing of Cdiscount Fulfilment.
Thanks so much for everything! It is truly a pleasure dealing with your company!
Keep up your great work!
All the best.”



Aurore Fabre

“One day, a sales specialist working for Cdiscount Fulfilment called me after he saw we were having problems with our sales performance and customer experience. He told me about the “Expedited by Cdiscount” service via the Cdiscount Fulfilment platform, which had just been launched in France. We decided to test it on a certain product that we sent to one of the Cdiscount Fulfilment warehouses in France. We saw the difference at once: our customers received their orders on time, without any issue whatsoever, and their reviews were much more positive.”