Discover Carole Cesbron, Head of Cdiscount PRO

1/Hello Carole, can you introduce yourself?

I am working at Cdiscount for 8 years, 5 years at purchases service and for 3 years at the head of Cdiscount PRO. Cdiscount PRO is the entity of Cdiscount dedicated to the professional customers, to which we offer a wide range of products & services adapted to their needs.

 2 / Can you describe Cdiscount PRO in a few words? His history, his team…

Cdiscount PRO was launched in 2008. Until now Cdiscount PRO was offering to its BtoB customers an offer of 60,000 products in more than 10 universes (computers, telecom, furniture …), as well as services suitable for professionals (multi-address delivery, means of payment Adapted …).

After 8 years of existence, Cdiscount PRO now has a customer base of 250,000 customers and records a traffic of several million visits per year growing every year.

A dedicated team is at the service of our customers. This team is in charge of developing a direct relationship, which is a great added value to the Cdiscount PRO offer. Also the business benefits from Cdiscount’s support, particularly on logistics, purchasing and administrative functions.

3 / Your challenge to you as director of Cdiscount PRO?

In France, the BtoB market currently weighs 55 billion euros of turnover and is growing year by year. By 2020, it should reach 72 billion euros (1).

Cdiscount, as the leader in France e-commerce market, strive after become a major player also in the professional market. Our challenge through Cdiscount PRO is to build the first BtoB platform of generalist commerce between professionals.

(1) Source: FEVAD

4 / We were all looking forward to the launch of Cdiscount Marketplace PRO; what a good news ! Could you tell us a bit more about the launch of this project?

It is a great adventure since we are pioneers in this field. Our Marketplace will be launched 1 year after the decision, which is a real commercial, IT and cultural challenge. We succeeded in combining our knowledge of B2B market and create synergy with the Marketplace B2B.

5 / What are the main difficulties you have encountered on this project?

The very tight schedule of the project has been a permanent challenge throughout the deployment. We succeeded in combining our knowledge of B2B and capitalizing on Cdiscount Marketplace team skills.

6 / What will be the advantages for sellers who wish to register on the Marketplace PRO?

The marketplace PRO will allow sellers to deploy a new distribution channel in a fast-growing BtoB market.

This opportunity will result in the referencing of new offers in universes such as office, materials or industrial equipment. Sellers will be able to manage their Professional  account on the same interface as their Cdiscount Marketplace Seller Space.

Activation will be done directly with their current account manager or with the Cdiscount PRO team ( Offers can be activated on the Marketplace Cdiscount PRO in a massive way bulk or selectively. Easy, fast and without commitment!

7 / After successfully launching the Marketplace PRO, what are your goals now?

The success of the marketplace PRO will be measured at 2 levels:

  • The satisfaction of our customers, to whom we will offer a wide offer, composed by millions of products.
  • The development of the sales of our sellers, who will be able soon to subscribe to additional services to highlight their products.

This launch is the first step of an ambitious process of conquering market shares.We will continue our efforts to bring more specialized offers to our customers and more services to our professionals vendors.

 8 / Finally, do you have a last word ?

Would you like to take advantage of a new and booming sales channel based on the know-how of the n ° 1 ecommerce in France? 

Cdiscount PRO Marketplace is a great opportunity! In order to test our B2B marketplace, subscribe to our introductory offer with 3 months free subscription to the Cdiscount PRO Marketplace.  

See you soon and great sales to everyone