Discover our team : meet Anne, our Seller Support team Manager

Hello Anne, can you introduce yourself?

I have been working at the Cdiscount Marketplace since its beginnings: I was first Key Account manager, I managed business relationship with the sellers. Now I manage the seller support and I’m also in charge of relationships between customers and marketplace sellers.

What is the mission of the Seller Support?

The mission of the seller support is to answer all the questions that the sellers may have on the Marketplace. We have several teams dedicated to this task, specialized in a specific technical field such as product integration, accounting, API…

What is your role?

My job, as a sales support manager, is to centralize the requests and to allocate our resources in order to provide fast and top quality answers to the sellers.

The other part of my job is customer relation, which is the arbitration of potential disputes between sellers and customers. We arbitrate by being as fair as possible for both sides. We act when a customer requests our help, when no consensus has been found between the client and the merchant following a claim. In this case, we investigate disputes on a case-by-case basis to decide, according to the legislation and our General Conditions.

How does the Seller Support team face the numerous requests?

We receive a lot of requests from sellers (there are more than 9500 sellers on the Marketplace) but we organize ourselves to be as efficient as possible. The Cdiscount Marketplace sellers deserve the best quality of service possible, which is why we regularly assess ourselves by respecting a quality grid to make sure we always offer more personalized and more accurate answers.

What are the challenges for 2017 and your areas of development?

Our objective is to keep on answering you in the shortest possible time with an impeccable quality of service. For this, we will set up new contact channels: a phone line and a chat in 2017, which have been requested by many sellers. Indeed, your opinion counts for us, do not hesitate to respond the survey we send to you. All your comments are analyzed.

Finally Anne, do you have a last word for our sellers?

I hope you had a great holiday! The support is here to help: do not hesitate to contact us via the help section of your seller shop. 

I wish you excellent sales for the winter sales that will soon begin!