Discover our team : meet Arnaud, our Marketplace quality team Manager

Hello Arnaud, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, after a 6-year experience in consulting and e-commerce, I started to work at Cdiscount 18 months ago. I was first a project manager within the specialty sites. I joined Cdiscount Marketplace one year ago and I am now in charge of Quality at Cdiscount Marketplace.

What is the mission of the Quality team?

At Cdiscount, client’s satisfaction is essential.

The Quality team has to make sure that our sellers provide the best experience to their clients. Indeed, it is important that our sellers follow the procedures correctly.

Our mission is to ensure that those procedures are understandable for our sellers so that they can anticipate clients’ requirements and resolve easily any kind of problem.

In order to illustrate your mission, could you share with us 2 or 3 of your daily tasks? 

We have performance indicators at our disposal. Our sellers have access to it in their seller shop.

Particularly, we make sure that the amount of products shipment and order acceptations is in compliance with our quality requirement. We work with the commercial team to ensure that our criteria fit with sellers’ specificities.

What are your main objectives?

Our first objective is to make sure that our sellers do not face any problem with their quality indicators. Also, we ensure that the sellers comply with their logistic engagements, for example the fact that they are able to deliver the products on time. Finally, we make sure that the sellers are 100% available for their clients.

Your challenge?

My challenge is to show that quality processes go hand in hand with seller’s objectives. The quality team’s goal is to advice, to the client with best services and, if necessary, to take specific actions when quality requirements are not met.

How is 2017 starting?

In the beginning of this the year 2017, we have equipped our team with new tools. Thanks to that, we have a better overview of the traceability and the quality of our sellers. Soon , the sellers will have at their disposal new indicators. Consequently, they will be able to have a better vision of their activity of the website.