Discover Virginie Leblanc, in charge of the Product Integration Team

1/ Hello Virginie, can you introduce yourself ? 

I’ve been working at Cdiscount for 11 years. I started in 2006, my first mission was to set up the search engine optimization (SEO) and the search engine advertising (SEA) department. Then I built Cdiscount Product Referential (category, product description models, facets of research). I joined the Marketplace team in February 2017. I am now in charge of the Product Integration team: this is a very exciting adventure !

 2/ Your daily challenges

We strive to manage product sheets submitted by our sellers as quickly as possible so that sellers can publish their offers and sell their products as soon as possible. This is our leitmotiv 🙂

Catalog managers are very involved, responsible and challenge theirselves every day in order to offer sellers short deadlines for the creation of  products while ensuring the visibility of their products. The volume of treatment is very significant but the team is very productive every day!

3/ What have been done in order to improve the processes ?

The optimization of our products creation process is one of the most important projects of Cdiscount Marketplace in 2017. A project manager and a team working on the development are entirely dedicated to the optimization of the process. The optimizations to come are:

  • Integration reports will be more comprehensive / July
  • All integration workflows will be created on the same day, without manual control/ August
  • An easier research of the category will be proposed on the seller shop in unitary creation / August
  • The reason for rejection of products will be explicit on each report / September
  • Between October and December a new follow-up page will be available as well as a module for modifying the product sheets.


4/ Do you have any advice for our sellers regarding the creation of products?

The more the catalogs sent by the sellers respect the technical instructions given in the tutorial, the faster the process (synthesis on page 3 of the document):

  • The images must be provided in Jpg, .Gif or .Png, with the dimensions: 500 x 500 pixels minimum / 3000 x 3000 pixels maximum, have a maximum weight of 5 Mo (5120 Ko).
  • The product title must be written in French and contain: [Brand] – [Type of Product] – [Description Keywords] – [Model] (for technical products) – [Gender] (if applicable)
  • For a better referencing, inform the EANS of your products (those of the manufacturers)
  • For products containing a size (fashion and textile), all variations must be created under the same sku family.

In addition, we invite sellers to review integration reports in the Seller. They indicate which products are created and which ones need to be modified. Thanks to this reporting, you can publish your offers faster 🙂