Introducing Payoneer: Reducing Conversions on Your Cdiscount Earnings

      We at Payoneer are very excited to have partnered with Cdiscount in the past year, bringing easy, direct payments to sellers all around the globe. As a seller, you’ve got plenty of things to worry about: merchandise, storage, shipping, revenues, exchange rates and more. Getting paid shouldn’t be worrisome. Learn how Payoneer’s end-to-end solution allows you get paid easily in euros, and spend your funds in euros, so that you can focus all your attention of growing a successful business.

How it Works

Payoneer provides you with a EUR receiving account number – which is like a virtual euro bank account – allowing you to receive local payments from Cdiscount. Once you get paid into your Payoneer account, you can then decide how you want to manage those funds:

  • Keep your money in EUR. Avoid paying a double conversion rate by keeping your money in euros, inside your Payoneer account.
  • Pay others in EUR. Pay contractors, clients and suppliers in euros directly from your Payoneer account. What’s more, paying other Payoneer users is FREE!
  • Spend your funds your way. Decide when and how you want to spend your funds. Transfer them to your local bank account, or spend them using your Payoneer prepaid MasterCard® card.

Payoneer also provides you with USD, GBP, JPY and CNH receiving accounts.

Selling on Cdiscount has never been easier. Payoneer is cost effective and user-friendly, helping you maintain a healthy cash-flow to keep business running smoothly. Payoneer also offers 24/7 dedicated customer support in over 35 languages, so that you are supported in your language, with all of your payment questions.

 How do I sign up?

  1. Create a Payoneer account. Sign up for a FREE account and receive a EUR receiving account number.
  2. Log in to Cdiscount. Provide Cdiscount with your Payoneer EUR receiving account number.
  3. Sell on Cdiscount, receive your funds to Payoneer. Receive funds directly to your Payoneer account from Cdiscount.
  4. Manage your funds. Choose what you want to do with your funds: withdraw, pay others, or keep put.



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