A simple way to issue your invoices with Octopia Billing Services

What are the benefits of using Octopia Billing Services?

  • Save time every day: your invoices are automatically created and sent to your customer.
  • Your customer’s claims are limited and you improve their post-purchase experience.
  • You have access to all your invoices within your Octopia Billing Services personal space.

How to register?

Get started in a few steps!

Go to octopiabilling.axelor.com and create your account

Fill in your company information. It will be needed to issue your invoices.

Enter your API login details.

Recurso 2

Well done! You are registered to Octopia Billing Services

Automatic and simple!

Don’t waste your time issuing customer’s invoices


Your order

An order is place and validated on Cdiscount Marketplace


Shipment of your order

The order is shipped to your customer from your warehouse, or from ours if you use the Cdiscount Fulfliment service.


Your invoice is available in your personal space on Octopia Billing Services.

In the meantime, the invoices are automatically sent by email to your final customer.


You can find all your invoices in your Octopia Billing Services personal space. You can read and download them for your own archives or accountancy.


The service is billed on a monthly basis, based on the number of invoices issued during the previous month:


  • Between 0 and 100 invoices: 9,99€ excl VAT
  • Between 101 and 200 invoices: 19,99€ excl VAT
  • Between 201 and 299 invoices: 29,99€ excl VAT
  • 301 invoices and more: 39,99 excl VAT


The service is open to to sellers of the European Union who sell on Cdiscount Marketplace and ship their products to France.


For any additional information, please contact octopiabillingservices@octopia.com. We will get back to you shortly.

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We retrieve the orders placed and shipped that did not lead to the issue of an invoice twice a day and send the invoices immediatly to your final customers.

Our service is commitment-free. You can unsubscribe whenever you please in your personal space.

We can edit invoices for orders placed 7 days before your registration to the service.

All of your invoices are available, per unit or in bulk, on your Octopia Billing Services personal space, on the "invoice" area. If you unsubscribe to our service, you have 1 month to download all of your issued invoices.

The invoice is sent to your customer by email right after it is issued.

Only sellers in the European Union are eligible for this service and it is open to all orders shipped to France.

It is only legal information required to issue invoices.