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Find in this page all the opinions of our salesmen on the collaboration with our teams Cdiscount Marketplace !


Hello, we have just reviewed our last weeks of orders and customer ratings. We currently use a few different shipping centers depending on the items. We found that the most satisfied customers with the speed of delivery and service were those who received their packages through Cdiscount Fulfilment. Furthermore, we are very satisfied with the efficiency and pricing of Cdiscount Fulfilment. Thanks for everything! It’s really a pleasure to work with your company! Keep up the good work. Yours.

One day, a sales specialist working for Cdiscount Fulfilment called me after seeing that we were experiencing performance and customer experience issues. He told me about the Cdiscount Fulfilment service via their platform which had just been launched in FRANCE. We decided to test it on certain products that we sent to one of the Cdiscount Fulfilment warehouses in France. We immediately saw the difference: our customers received their orders on time, without any problems, and their feedback was much more positive.

We have met the whole team during a day dedicated to the sellers on Cdiscount Sellers Day and we noticed that they are highly motivated to increase their seller’s sales. They are very involved in our success. It is a real pleasure to work with a motivated team.

Cdiscount is a changing-Marketplace  for the customer and also for the seller. Our consultant is at our side, attentive and dynamic. It informs us of new products and technical developments, which enables us to develop our business. We have been there since the opening and we are very happy.


We have been working with Cdiscount since 2012 and from the start, we have been impressed regarding the potential of this marketplace in Europe. The marketplace is constantly evolving to take into account new market requirements. Traffic is of high quality and increases exponentially at certain times of the year. Congratulations to Cdiscount for its work and follow-up!

CDISCOUNT is a platform for success! We have been working with them for 1 year now and we are in continuous progression. Thanks to Fulfiment, we are continuously increasing our turnover. We are also very satisfied with the responsiveness of their sales department, which quickly answers all our questions.

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