Discover Carole Cesbron, Head of Cdiscount PRO

1/Hello Carole, can you introduce yourself?

At Cdiscount Sellers Day for 8 years, 5 years at purchases service and for 3 years at the head of Cdiscount PRO.


 2 / Can you describe Cdiscount PRO in a few words?

His story, his team … It is the entity dedicated to professionals. We now have 250 k customers, mostly small structures (0/50) to whom we offer a wide range of 80,000 products, of all categories.

3 / Your challenge to you as director of Cdiscount PRO?

To realize the 1st general trading platform between pros.


4 / We were all looking forward to the launch of Cdiscount Marketplace PRO; what a good news ! Could you tell us a bit more about the launch of this project?

It is a great adventure since we are pioneers in this field. Our Marketplace will be launched 1 year after the decision making, which is a real commercial, IT and cultural challenge. We succeeded in combining our knowledge of B2B and synergy with the Marketplace B2B.


5 / What are the main difficulties you have encountered on this project?

The tight retro schedule added a bit of spice 😉


6 / What will be the advantages for sellers who wish to register on the Marketplace PRO?

This is easy, fast and without commitment. It is also a new distribution channel, in a growing B2B market!


7 / After successfully launching the Marketplace PRO, what are your goals now?

Our success will have to be at 2 levels:

  • Customers satisfisfaction with the millions of products, to whom we will offer in a time 2 services.
  • Vendors who are satisfied with their sales, who will be able to subscribe to additional services to highlight their products


 8 / Finally, do you have a last word ?

Cdiscount PRO Marketplace teams will be at present at the Cdiscount Sellers Day on April 7th and will be delighted to present this new project.