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There are two main types of cookies:

1. The so-called cookies “Techniques”.

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Saving a cookie on your computer is subject to your will.

With settings of your browser software or through inter platforms, you can, at any time, simply and free of charge, choose to accept or not the recording of cookies on your computer.

      1. The choices offered to you by your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

You can set your browser according to your will, so that cookies are (a) accepted and stored on your computer or, alternatively, (b) that they may be refused.

                 a. The agreement on Cookies

If your browser is set up to accept cookies from being saved on your computer, cookies embedded in the pages and content you’ve viewed will be systematically stored in your computer.

                b. The refusal of Cookies

 You can set your browser how to:

   – That the acceptance or rejection of cookies you are offered promptly, before a cookie is likely to be recorded;

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Note: All settings that you can take on your browser for accepting or rejecting cookies will likely change your Internet browsing and conditions of access to services requiring the use of these cookies.

For example, refusing some cookies called “Techniques”, you risk not being able to order on our site.

If you choose to decline the recording of cookies on your computer or if you delete those registered there, we are not responsible for the consequences related to impaired operation of our services due to the impossibility for us to register or visit cookies required to operate them and you would have refused or deleted.

How to exercise your choice, depending on the browser you use?

Configuring each browser is different. It is usually described in the Help of your browser menu. We invite you to read it. You’ll know how to change your wishes regarding cookies.

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      2. Your choice expressed in line with inter platforms

We invite you to please visit Youronlinechoices, offered by professional digital advertising grouped within the European association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.

You will be able to know the companies listed on this platform, and offer you the option to refuse or accept the cookies used by these companies to suit your browsing information advertisements may be displayed on your computer:

This European platform is shared by hundreds of professionals in the Internet advertising and provides a centralized interface for you to express, simply and quickly, your refusal or acceptance of cookies may be used by these professionals to adapt to your browsing advertisements may be posted there. Note that this will not prevent the display of advertisements on the websites you visit. It will block only the technologies to tailor advertisements to your interests