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  • A commission applied on sales generated on Cdiscount and the commission rate will depend on the product sold (from 5%)
  • A monthly subscription of 39.99 € excl. VAT / month

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To be able to sell on Cdiscount Marketplace:

You must be registered in the Register of Companies of your country and must be regularly registered with the tax and social security authorities of your country.



Our goal:

Enable e-merchants to develop their business on our Marketplace, notably through the optional services offered by Cdiscount Marketplace.

E-retailers can subscribe to our Cdiscount Ads optional advertising services to improve the visibility of their offers. They can use our logistics expertise with Cdiscount Fulfillment.

We have a dedicated team that will answer all your questions about our services.






Securing strong quality service

You must be registered in the Trade Register of your country and declare your taxes to the proper social authority.

It is essential for us for the good collaboration between the merchants and Cdiscount. A maximum claim rate of 1% is mandatory for our daily promise to your customers. 99% delivery on time is also vital. We will work together to provide the best service to our joint customers.

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We have met the whole team during a day dedicated to the sellers on Cdiscount Sellers Day and we noticed that they are highly motivated to increase their seller’s sales. They are very involved in our success. It is a real pleasure to work with a motivated team.


We have been working with Cdiscount since 2012 and from the start, we have been impressed regarding the potential of this marketplace in Europe. The marketplace is constantly evolving to take into account new market requirements. Traffic is of high quality and increases exponentially at certain times of the year. Congratulations to Cdiscount for its work and follow-up!


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