Sell your products to millions of new customers in Europe!

Cdiscount offers you the possibility to send your products to our customers in 9 European countries!

Ship to Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, and Portugal; or to other European platforms through the International Marketplace Network!

See your offers at 1 click

Most of the products sold and dispatched by Cdiscount are eligible for delivery in Europe: Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and Luxembourg.
Some product categories are excluded, such as alcohol, products deemed to be dangerous (automobile maintenance liquids and batteries, household cleaning products, water treatment products, herbicides…), dematerialised products (games to download) and services (guarantees, insurance policies, installation services…). These are not eligible for delivery in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg.
A large number of sellers on our marketplace already dispatch their products to Europe!

The IMN (International Marketplace Network),
our alliance with the European marketplace
leaders on their markets

Sell your products on the leading marketplaces of our partners (Germany), ePrice (Italy) and eMAG (Romania).

As a professional Cdiscount seller, you now have the opportunity to access this single platorm, from today and without any additional fees!

Easy access to new Marketplaces

A single, combined registration is all that is needed to open an account on the different Marketplaces.

No technical connection required

Simply enter the API identification details of your accounts on the different Marketplaces – You will be able to change the prices, the delivery times and the delivery costs on the IMN directly.

No additional subscription fees

You only pay the subscription to your home Marketplace (“Your Marketplace of origin”)

No translation necessary for your offers

IMN transfers your offers from one Marketplace to another if the product is referenced in them.

Personal Support in English

You will benefit from the support of a dedicated Account Manager who will help you to launch on the new Marketplaces.

Reach up to 230 Million customers

Access new markets and up to 230 Million new customers at a click.

Sell ​​online on the leading French e-commerce site!

Who better than our sellers to talk about it?