The Pole Position Program, your communication solution on Cdiscount


Your communication solution on Cdiscount


Do you sell products on Cdiscount?
Do you want to improve visibility and boost your sales

The Pole Position Program is made for you!

picto-visibiliteImprove your visibility

pppIncrease visitor numbers

picto-prix-gain-venteBoost sales

picto-fideliserIncrease customer loyalty

picto-avis-clientGet more customer reviews


A few examples


A seller in the Home section :

+ 274% on sales of highlighted products

A seller in the Fashion section :

1 629 041 views of products during the campaign

A seller in the Hi-Tech section :

+ 8 000 clicks on product descriptions


Made-to-measure communications campaigns


How does it work?

  • We study your communication strategy in connection with your boutique, your goals, your target audience, your strengths/ weaknesses, your market position…
  • We then put forward a communication plan that is perfectly adapted to your needs using our complete catalogue of solutions.


Where ar ethe made-to-measure campaigns displayed?

picto-page-du-siteOn all the strategic pages of the site

picto-deviceOn all devices:  PC, Tablet & Smartphone

Examples of made-to-measure campaigns

  • Improve your conversion rate: personalised boutique, MonaVideo…
  • Boost my sales: boosted product package
  • Improve my visibility! visibility package…
  • Increase my store traffic: emailing, text links…

Locations to increase visibility


Offer shown on the Search result page


Banner on the Shop window page


Offer shown on the Home page


Offre shown on the Product list page


Use sponsored products to increase your sales

Why should you use sponsored products?

pppIncrease visitors numbers

picto-prix-gain-venteBoost sales


How much does it cost?


You decide on the amount you want to pay per click (Cost Per Click)

 Return on investment
You only pay when  the customer clicks

Control your budget
Draw up your own daily investment budget


How does it work?



dedicated platform to launch and guide your campaigns yourself


Choose the products you want to highlight as well as the CPC and investment budget 


Access to your campaign statistics in real time