With the ambition to become a leading player in marketplace solutions by leveraging Cdiscount’s technological and operational know-how and by opening new markets to our vendor partners.

What is Octopia?

Cdiscount is launching a new business called “Octopia”. This entity helps companies of all sizes and backgrounds to access the power of e-commerce by providing a turnkey marketplace. For you, whether you are already a seller on Cdiscount Marketplace or you wish to join us, it provides access to numerous services to facilitate your e-commerce development in France and on an international scale.


To do this, Octopia relies on the experience and the culture of innovation of the first French marketplace, Cdiscount. From now on, the Cdiscount marketplace and its Seller Zone will be operated by Octopia’s teams as of April 1st.

What changes can you expect?

In practice, this does not change anything for the sellers already registered! You will continue your activity on Cdiscount Marketplace as usual. In the future, you will be able to develop your sales by registering on new channels directly from your Seller Zone in just a few clicks. This remains the only known-interface to manage your activity on Cdiscount.com.

Finally, many of the services you already know, such as the Fulfilment logistics service and the support for your business (invoicing, customer reviews, etc.), are also operated by Octopia. This offer will be expanded, always with the aim of meeting your needs and facilitating the management of your e-merchant activity.

A dedicated team

More than 300 experts specialised in Technology and Marketplace Management

Services to support you in all sales channels

Continuous improvement of your Seller Zone

The advantages you can enjoy!


Manage your business from a single interface

Your Seller Zone remains the single interface from which you can access all information about your business.


Multiply your sales channels

Octopia will give you access to new sales channels as you go along. All you have to do is choose which ones you want to sell on.


Reach millions of customers

The new sales channels that Octopia will offer you are not limited to France. You will have access to millions of new customers around the world, some of whom you could not reach before.


Increase your sales

By offering your products to millions of customers on new sales channels, you can considerably increase your sales. Octopia offers additional services to support your e-commerce development.