Make your products a success, thanks to Cdiscount Advertising Seller

Develop the visibility of your products to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

Drive your sales through a visibility plan tailored to your needs

Thanks to our marketing formats, adapted to all product types.

Why Cdiscount Advertising Seller


The marketing formats proposed by Cdiscount Advertising Seller are easy to use; some are accessible autonomously, others are managed by the Cdiscount Advertising Seller team directly.


The algorithmic formats bring your bestsellers to the fore at the same time as optimising the performance of your campaigns. Maximise your visibility on our Premium formats by reaching 100% of the audience.

Adapted budget

Cdiscount Advertising Seller proposes Marketing formats adapted to all budgets and to all product types.

Display your products at each stage of your customers’ purchasing process

Sponsored Products

Develop the visibility of your products by displaying them in strategic positions on Cdiscount. Displaying them is free: you only start paying once a customer clicks on your advert.

Google Shopping

Increase traffic to your product files on Cdiscount by reaching the customers who begin their purchasing process on the Google search engine.

Premium Ads

Maximise your visibility to a target who intends to buy by pushing your best products onto the Cdiscount welcome page, the category pages or in the search engine.

Smart Discount Voucher

Offer your most attractive customers a targeted and personalised discount thanks to technology that couples commercial strength with artificial intelligence. The Smart Discount Voucher is positioned as an ideal tool to complement the generation of your visibility on

Thousands of vendors are already using our visibility solutions!