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Open a free euro receiving bank account through World First to collect your revenue on Cdiscount:

Choose the currency specialist offering great exchange rates and no fees on international transfers to ensure you bring home more of your money.

You’ll get award-winning customer service from their team of e-commerce experts and all calls are answered within 3 rings.

Selling on other international marketplaces? Open receiving accounts in multiple currencies, then plug these into the marketplaces you use around the world to help save even more.

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Save time and money with the top-rated foreign exchange service for online sellers:

International currency accounts that are fully integrated with all of the largest online marketplaces – including Cdiscount and Amazon.

Bank-beating exchange rates, free automated transfers and a 24/7 online service.

Currencies Direct Ltd has over 20 years’ experience and we’re trusted by more than 200,000 clients. We’re regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and have the highest possible credit rating (level 1) from Dun & Bradstreet.


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Sell globally, get paid locally. Join 3million businesses around the world, managing their earnings with our flexible payment platform:

Avoid international wire fees – pay only for a local transfer; the more you earn, the lower your fees.

Get paid into your Payoneer Account in EUR, then transfer funds to your local bank account or to your prepaid MasterCard® card.

Receive money from leading marketplaces into the same Payoneer Account, holding the money in the currencies of your choice.

Enjoy 24/7 Customer Care in 35 languages.


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